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DJI M300


Terratek offers high quality Drone Topography, Photogrammetry, and Site Photography/Videography services. 

Using the DJI M300 paired with Zenmuse P1 Photography system and Phoenix LiDAR systems Recon XT, 3D models can be produced with the highest possible level of detail. 

All drone flights are conducted by a FAA Certified Pilot. 


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High quality, Affordable, & Intuitively built machine control models.

The GPS Model is the “meat and potatoes” of any companies machine control and GPS Stakeout operation. Terratek GPS Modeling puts the most importance on a model being “buildable”. That means: no fancy layer names, actual linework that represents the size of storm structures and rims based on shop drawings, and surfaces for smooth grading. All of which are created accurately to put storm water in its place.

With a GPS Model, as-builts can be easily produced. Terratek will deliver CAD and PDF as-built drawings for any submittal that does not require a Licensed Surveyor or stamp. (Models will include surfaces, linework, and points, but can be adapted based on the needs of every job.)



Cut/Fill analysis, material & quantity calculations

During site prep, it is important that there is a clear objective in regard to how much is being imported and exported onto the site. Earthwork Takeoffs help by providing clear calculations upfront, that optimize site-preparation and gives the contractor a good idea on how material will be handled.

The earthwork takeoff will quantify: volumes, tonnage, areas, lengths, etc. All of which are generated on an easy to read report. The earthwork takeoff will also include time and cost when production analysis services are used. 

If your company needs precise estimates of material quantities and production rates, this service will give confidence in your company’s bid number. To make sure your job gets started off on the right foot, contact us today!


Accurate site work calculations for as-builts and job bidding

A comprehensive production analysis makes sure to keep everyone on the same page by having clear area and volume calculations; whether it is collecting data for unit price payment or simply tracking bulk material.  

We will work with you to create a production analysis that contains calculations unique to your specific project, and any specified details in the plan set.  

This is just one way Terratek GPS Modeling equips decision-makers to do their job; and do it well.

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While some contractors choose to outsource for their GPS technology needs, for others it makes more sense to take modeling and stake-out services in-house. Terratek is willing to take your employee from a beginner to an advanced user. 

With each student, Terratek takes into account their employer’s average annual revenue, typical project portfolio, and current skill level to tailor a productive training program.


The instructors are none other than the same experienced civil engineers that produce models for our day-to-day clients. This means that the people teaching you are not only experienced in the digital space, but also the built-environment.

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